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Girl Geeks Rule!
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This is not a community for you to come ask for help fixing your computer.

This is a community for girls to talk about being geeky. Do you love Linux? Addicted to the internet? Adore computers? Stay up late watching Star Trek? Then this is the place for you. Please note this is NOT a place to troll for referrals to get something free. If you're trying to get a free iPod or free Mac Mini, please keep it out of here. We all get enough spam in our inboxes without having it invade our community. Also, invitations to join rating communities aren't welcome. If you have a geeky community you want to promote, run it by a moderator before posting. There are plenty of communities for promoting other communities on LJ and chances are we don't need it here. We have over 600 members, so let's be considerate of them.

If you're posting a really long post or one with a lot of graphics or even one with a bunch of HTML code, please place it behind an LJ cut. If you don't, you'll be given a warning in the comments of the post to do so within a couple of hours. If you don't comply, the post will be deleted. You're free to post it again, but place it behind an LJ cut if you do.

This is also not the place for chain letters, virus hoaxes, or urban legends. If something sounds fishy, it probably is. Please check for reliable sources before posting anything like this. Just because you heard it from a friend of a friend doesn't make it true. For information on viruses, try Symantec's site to verify it. For those urban legends or warnings you get in your mail passed on by the unwitting masses, make sure to check Snopes. And, if someone's telling you something about some server somewhere being down, check with the company it belongs to before telling us the sky is falling. It's really just a little common sense. :)

Discussion of warez, cracking software, or other illegal activities isn't allowed. We shouldn't have to say this, as it's just common sense.

Girls only please! For any guys who are interested in meeting geek girls, please try welovegeeks or techgirls.

Your moderators are aturnandatwist (clarient @ gmail.com), kageneko (kageneko @ kageneko.net), equiraptor (equiraptor @ equiraptor.com), and yolosplat (yolosplat @ yahoo.com). Please remember to edit the email address accordingly should you need to contact us.


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